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No. 1 - June 2017

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No. 1 - June 2016
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No. 1 - June 2015
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No. 1 - June 2014
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Volume 1

No. 1 - June 2010
No. 2 - December 2010
A Thai Study of Mathematical Creativity of Students in the Lesson Study and an Open Approach Context
Julaluk Jai-on, Maitree Inprasitha
keyword : Creative thinking, Lesson study, Open approach
An Analysis of Grammatical Errors in English Writing of Thai University Students
Preeyanuch Promsupa, Patchara Varasarin, Prapart Brudhiprabha
keyword : English Writing, Error Analysis, Grammatical Errors, Interlanguage Errors, Intralingual and Developmental Errors
Comparison of the Effects of Implicit and Explicit Phonics Instruction on English Achievement in Reading and Writing (Spelling) of Primary Students
Natkristha Intarakulchai, Prapart Brudhiprabha, Arnon Chaisuriya
keyword : English achievement, Quasi-experimental, Implicit phonics instruction, Explicit phonics instruction
Development of an Instructional Model Based on Teach Less, Learn More Concept Using Online-Based Learning Media and Conventional Approach
Yooppares Kaochum
keyword : Teach Less, Learn More concept, online-based learning media, instructional model
Graduates' Performance of Business Administration Program at the National University of Laos
Saykham Phongsavath, Chalong Tubsree, Saratid Sakulkoo
keyword : Graduates’ Performance of Business Administration Program, National University of Laos, Human Capital, Human Resource Development, Attitude, Achievement
HRD Roles in Corporate Social Responsibility: The Review of Corporate Social Responsibility Concepts and Practices
Paratchanun Charoenarpornwattana
keyword : Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility Concepts and Practices, HRD, HRD Roles
Mathematics Teacher Education Program for 21st Century
Sudatip Hancherngchai, Maitree Inprasitha, Sampan Thinwiangthong
keyword : mathematics teacher education program, 21st century skills, intended curriculum
Teacher Self-Development as Researcher in Lesson Study and Open Approach Context: A Case Study of a Grade 1 Teacher
Rachada Chaovasetthakul, Maitree Inprasitha,Narumol Changsri
keyword : Teacher as Researcher, Lesson Study, Lesson Study and Open Approach Context
Teachers’ Experiences in Developing Educational Innovation: A Case Study of Primary School Teachers in Education Service Area Two of Nakhon Sawan Province, Thailand
Karuna Seechompoo, Watunyoo Suwannaset, Noppadol Prammanee
keyword : Education Innovation, Innovation Development, Creating Innovation, Innovation Development Difficulties, Motivation Creating Innovation
The Effects of the Dynamic Electronic Lesson Based on the Open Approach in the Lesson Study Context
Kittisak Jai-on
keyword : Dynamic Electronic lesson, Open approach, Concepts of addition, Lesson study